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Joba Arriba is a little town of mountains of Espaillat province , embedded in the northern mountains of the Dominican Republic, between Tenares and Gaspar Hernandez. Its name honors the river, called Joba by the natives. Due to its proximity to the coast, its inhabitants often enjoy the nearest beaches: As Cabarete “20 Minutes” or Sosua “30 minutes.”

It currently reach the category of Municipal District, it is geographically divided into three sections; Higüero, Jagua Clara and La Piragua, plus the urban area of the District. Joba Arriba population is approximately 4,000 inhabitants.

What to do in Joba Arriba

The main activity to do in Joba Arriba is swimming or coocking in the river, there are may places where you can enjoy the nature. Joba waters has became playgrounds for visitors, The Saltadero, Charco de la Piedra, Marabel or La Charqueta, are many of Joba River’s attractions.

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